On June 4, Clint Lowery and his Georgian brethren will hit Boston for “An Evening with Sevendust,” an intimate show in support of the Atlanta rockers’ recently released Time Travelers & Bonfires. The entirely acoustic album is a bit of a departure from the band’s usual heavy fare, selling in excess of 15,000 copies in its first week to debut on the US Billboard Chart at number 19.

But Sevendust fans have been clamoring for something like this since 2004’s acoustic mini-tour and accompanying live album, Southside Double-Wide.

Back then, Clint explains, “the Southside Double-Wide acoustic version of our band…we didn’t realize how much momentum it was gaining. People were constantly asking us, and we just started to listen. Like, ‘You guys really need to do another run of that…you only did 14 or 15 dates.’ Now, we want to be able to present ourselves in a different way as opposed to the same old electric show that people have been seeing for years. It gives us a way to stay fresh for our fans, something that—for us—was fresh, and something fresh for the diehards. To give a different flavor of the band.”

Sevendust is one of few acts that can pull off both heavy and mellow songs with equal power and poise. The first six tracks on Time Travelers & Bonfires, the new tunes written exclusively for this album, show off their ability to write emotionally intense music in a bare bones acoustic environment.

“When we’re getting ready to do another Sevendust record,” Clint says, “if I pick up an acoustic, I always try to write something with a strong melody, and sometimes I’ll voice memo it, document it: ‘Sevendust melody idea, number whatever’. Without the bells and whistles, it’s just a song. Chord changes and a vocal melody.”