With the magic of theater, this favorite bedtime story is so much more.  Ludwig’s direction plays with perspective brilliantly.  The audience gets a chance to see the world from inside the fish bowl, hear The Cat’s Appalachia banjo playing for a moment, from his point of view, as a beautiful Latin Ballad and experience Thing 2’s joy ride on a kite string in slow motion. We “SNAP” back to the page when sound effects get projected, in true Seussian fashion, above the action.

Other highlights include; Thing 1 and Thing 2 emerging from their Red Box in a cloud of smoke (or “steam” as my 5 years old says), the fish’s unwillingness to participate and…being the dancer I am…the whole show is worth it for The Cat’s Fosse style number.  So if you are around Atlanta between now and July 20th, with or without children, you simply must go see “The Cat In The Hat”.  Better yet…get your membership, sit in the front row and enjoy all that the Center Of Puppetry Arts has to offer.