As part of the Broadway in Atlanta series, The Little Mermaid swims into Atlanta July 8th through 13th. This is definitely one of the productions we are most excited about!

We caught up with the star, Ariel, herself! Jessica Groves answers some questions for us and tells us why this show is going to blow your mind! Get your tickets now HERE!

TBB: Jessica, I am a big fan of the The Little Mermaid. It was always my favorite Disney Movie when I was younger. Is the same true for you?

Jessica: I always loved the film too! I used to act out Part of Your World when I was a little girl. I worked on the song in our living room, singing along to a karaoke track, and I experimented with the movement in our swimming pool, putting my feet through a diving ring and swimming like a mermaid! I guess you could say I have been training for this role since I was 8!

TBB: Tell me how this wonderful production is like the movie version:

Jessica:  It is like the movie in the regard that all of the songs we know and love from the film are in the stage production (Kiss the Girl, Under the Sea, Part of Your World, etc.) and the story is mostly the same, but the characters are all developed a bit more. Alan Menken and Glenn Slater wrote additional songs for the stage version which really helps the audience get to know the characters. The book has also been revamped from the Broadway production. Our director, Glenn Casale, worked tirelessly with Doug Wright, the book writer, and the folks at Disney to rework the script, deepening the relationships, especially the relationship between Ariel and her father.