It’s been a long 4 years without the bird and the bee. Their last major studio release was 2010’s wonderful Interpreting the Masters Volume 1: A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates, an album I always hoped they’d follow up with Interpreting the Masters Volume 2: A Tribute to The Bee Gees. But Inara George and Greg Kurstin are back in the studio and have a new lyric video for the upbeat single “Undone.”

“Undone” is a danceable, frisky crowd-pleaser and welcome return from the duo. It also features in Sex Tape, a movie that’s coming out with some famous people in it, directed by Inara’s husband Jake Kasdan. Despite the absence, the bird and the bee haven’t been too too quiet, especially when it comes to soundtracks. But this single ushers in a new project for Inara and Greg, who’ve been working on side projects (Inara with The Living Sisters; Greg producing for Sia, Lana del Ray, Foster the People, and more). Hopefully the coming year brings us more singles and a release date for the new LP.

“Undone” is available on iTunes now.