Summer may be wrapping up, but 9 Lazy Kidz Gourmet Hot Sauce Chutney is causing a heat wave. Based out of Boston, MA the brand is unique in look and most definitely in flavor.

Made from the freshest ingredients, the sauce may look cute and kid friendly, but it packs a punch! 9 Lazy Kidz prefers the motto, “Hot is the new Cool” and these kids certainly are cool.

Each hot sauce is based on the personality of creator Martin Ervin’s nine children. The entitled oldest daughter, the high school son who just can’t get motivated, the darling daddy’s little girl, the adorable baby, the mini boss man, the fast moving son who dreams of being a football star, the “genius”, the adventurous yet sometimes trouble maker, and the sweet and spicy older daughter, who is a mommy herself.

Currently on the market are four sauces; Chance’s “Ugh” Garlic Sauce, Q’s Spicy Mango, Skye’s Sweet Apple Heat and Aisha’s Entitlement Sauce.

Chance’s “Ugh” Garlic Sauce is a tomato based sauce with loads of garlic and other fresh ingredients. The label may look cute, but Chance’s sauce is hot! This sauce is great with pasta, eggs, tacos and anything you can imagine.