The amazing Chef George! „Sie sind erstaunlich!"

The amazing Chef George! „Sie sind erstaunlich!”

Out from the kitchen came this wonderful older man. His name is George.   George Vogelbacher to be exact. A seasoned chef with experience in restaurants all over Orlando. George was the man behind the legendary Le Cordon Bleu and other well known establishments. In 2010, Vogelbacher was inducted into the Orlando Sentinel’s Culinary Hall of Fame. After spending one night at Maxine’s, I could tell why. He warmly greeted us and shared with us some stories of his history and lifetime achievements. I just wanted to hug him! He was so adorable and talented.  George joked with me that he had retired but couldn’t stand gardening so he had to get back into a kitchen. He definitely is a big reason why Maxine’s Shines!


As Kirt was talking, Maxine looked on. . smiling

As Kirt stepped away to handle some other business, Maxine began to tell us how they met. She brightened up and with a huge smile said, “On our first date he asked me something pretty unusual. He said, ‘If we were to throw a party, which of us would be responsible for what?'” She paused, then smiled even more as she remembered that moment.  Maxine then said, “I answered very politically correct and said I would do 1/3, he would do 1/3 and we would both handle the last 1/3 together.” As we all laughed she then enlightened us that in reality Kirt does about 2/3 of the work at Maxine’s.

Just about that time, Kirt returned and we asked him the same question. He answered the exact same and the two of them looked at each other with knowing smiles. I was instantly a big fan of them both and I hadn’t even tried the food yet!