Now as important it is for them to be known for their food, they are equally known for their live music. Maxine’s on Shine boasts a stage and PA for this casual setting. Musicians love to play Maxine’s because of the way they are treated. Both Maxine and Kirt are avid music lovers and their support of the local music scene is what drives their bookings of artists. Musicians not only get to play to this eclectic crowd but they get fed too!  They both talked about how much it means to them to treat the musicians with respect, announcing them and encouraging the patrons to leave the musician a tip if they are enjoying themselves. I know firsthand, being in and around the music business, that tipping a musician who is playing at a restaurant is not only a polite thing to do but a necessity. Keep in mind that their music is enhancing your meal and your experience and their craft needs to be appreciate. So next time you see that man or woman playing and singing their heart out, just slip a couple bucks in the jar alright?  Ok, I will step of the soapbox now.

You can see live music every night at Maxine’s, except for Monday’s when they are closed.

One other really excited thing they mentioned was that they recently signed the Greater Orlando Food Leaders Alliance Manifesto.

This is a very exciting development for Orlando, restauranteurs and foodies alike. This Manifesto states in part “Honoring the rich multi-cultural influences and agricultural bounty of our region and our state, the impact of food choices on our collective personal health, and the integrity of the global environment…”