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As the time came for dessert we were delighted to see two choices to enjoy. Both made in house and with local ingredients when possible. The brownie they brought out was definitely big enough to share. What really intrigued me was what was on top of that brownie. Pecan Bacon Brittle. Yes, I said BACON!!!!! Oh sweet heaven this dish had me all shook up knowing this is exactly what the King would have if he was there. Oh Elvis, please come visit Maxine’s on Shine and  get this dessert. #TCB

Maxine's Tiramisu

Maxine’s Tiramisu (my share)

Maxine's Tiramisu

Maxine’s Tiramisu

We also tried the house made Tiramisu.  George really outdid himself with this treat.  In Italian, the name literally translates to “pick me up” because coffee is a major component. Delicious! This is most definitely a great way to finish your meal. Ask for an extra spoon and share it cause after eating all that delicious food, you will need help finishing it!