Give Kids the World opened their doors to a select group of bloggers and writers last night and my mom and I were just two of the lucky ones who received a tour, dinner and got to meet some of the families.


Pam Landwirth - President of Give Kids the World

Pam Landwirth – President of Give Kids the World

When we got there we went into a theater and listened to the president of Give Kids the World, Pam Landwirth, talk about what it means to her to run such an amazing place. She really loves her job and I thought how good she must feel at the end of the night, every night. She is making a difference and that is what I want to do. My mom always says “It’s not about what your job is, what your title is, or any of that. It is about the difference you can make it a persons life. Let your light shine.”  I understand now what she means when she says that because the people that work here are all making a difference and letting their light shine.