Yesterday morning my mom said to me, “Hey, get ready, brush your teeth and let’s go get cheesy!” I was a little confused but I have learned to never question her when she has a plan. Her plans are always super fun.

As we left in the van, my brothers and I asked her where we were heading. She said The O-Town MacDown! Of course we all laughed cause that is really funny name, but we knew what this meant too. It meant ALL THE MAC AND CHEESE WE COULD EAT!!!!

Gearing up for this meant a lot of mental preparation. We must pace ourselves and not eat too much of one mac and cheese first, otherwise we’d never finish the challenge of trying them all. We are pro’s though. If anyone knows mac and cheese, it’s us. We love it! Sometimes when we all go out to eat, I order mac and cheese cause I love it so much, even though my mom says “Order something you can’t get at home.”  I can’t help it, I love mac and cheese!