Gang’s All Here!

#3  Go find your friends. Dragon*Con is reunion time for many. People come from all over the country to bask in its spectacle. It’s like the Introvert’s Burning Man. Put the word out on your social networks and, I guarantee, you will be able to meet old high school buddies at Peachtree MARTA station, while being serenaded by a street performer’s trumpet rendition of the Star Wars theme song.

For example, back to my writer friend, we’re actually acquaintances from way back. He saw me do Disco Shakespeare off-Broadway and then years later I had the privilege of a Harry Potter debate with him in Quito, of all places, at a best friend’s wedding. I digress I know, my point is, two sightings in a decade and a half has turned into a yearly coffee or slice of pizza because of Dragon*Con. ‘Nuff said.