Happy Campers

#4  Be a good sport and wear something to celebrate. I don’t care if you spent the entire year building the perfect steampunk survival mechanism (mine is still in the design phase), you grab your 5 year old’s rainbow tutu or don your shabbiest “Geeks do it better in the ————– (fill in the blank)” T-shirt. Do something, you won’t regret it. If by the smallest of small chances, you have absolutely nothing in your closet to wear, which I find very hard to believe in a world where geek culture makes up such a gigantic chunk of Pop culture… well…there is the AmericasMart! You can pick up a pair of funky goggles or that Flash Gordon t-shirt you have always wanted and “Voila!”, you fit in and are ready to get lost in the colorful crowds.

If you’re an introvert, don’t worry, you won’t stand out amongst all the other fantasy creatures, robots and fabulous villains… Unless you want to. It’s up to you.