Chicago shimmies its way to the theater-in-the-round this season at Bill Hanney’s North Shore Music Theatre. The Beverly mainstay was bouncing along to the zippy tunes and vivacious choreography of this energetic production. Chicago, a popular theater staple, is injected with a zest that makes it feel new again.

The story, as many are familiar with, is set in the midst of the 1920s in the eponymous city where gangsters and jazz ruled. Crime is inextricably linked with entertainment, and that is exactly what fame hungry Roxie Hart discovers after she has been imprisoned for murder. She contends to remain in the limelight, and out of the noose, with fellow prisoner and vaudeville star, Velma Kelly. Roxie doesn’t hesitate to stoop to underhanded methods, including snagging Velma’s slick and equally crooked attorney, Billy Flynn.