There are tribute shows…and then there are Tribute Shows.  In the current era of rock music, there seem to be more tribute bands and tribute shows than ever before. Whether it stems from a lack of great rock being written today or an effort to pay homage to the music of the greats, not all tribute shows are created equal.  If you are a fan of the music and genius that is Jimi Hendrix, the EXPERIENCE HENDRIX TOUR is one tribute show worth attending.

Originally starting out as part of the Seattle Guitar Festival in 1995, this tribute tour continues to combine the talents of many of today’s guitar greats with the music of undoubtedly the greatest guitarist in the history of rock, to pay proper tribute to the one and only Jimi Hendrix, who was taken from us 44 years ago.  The original tours were organized by a company created by Al Hendrix, Jimi’s father and since his passing, the current CEO managing this latest tribute tour is Janie Hendrix, Jimi’s Sister.  This show in Melbourne, Florida is the third in a Fall tour of 24 dates to travel America to remind audiences how much Jimi’s music continues to touch the souls of true rock fans.