The highlight of this evocation of the Jimi Spirit was most evident in the performance of Eric Gales. Gales was brilliant in giving the crowd a taste of this via “Foxy Lady” and “Purple Haze” more than any other artist on the bill, save Buddy Guy and Billy Cox performing the blues favorite of Jimi’s, “Red House.”  The other notable performance for evidence of shear guitar power in fine machine gun fashion was Kenny Wayne Sheppard ripping everyone apart with his rendition of “Voodoo Chile, Slight Return.”

At over three and half hours, this show is not for the casual fan looking for something to do.  It is like a church revival to the Church Of Jimi for the devoted that allows a journey back to the time of a legend who revolutionized rock and set the standard that all rock guitarists strive to honor.  While at times, it seemed a bit self indulgent with several artists over playing solos, possibly to prove their worth (Johnny Lang), all in all it was a respectable and enjoyable evening honoring the man, myth and legend who touched so many of us to our very souls. It makes me wonder what music would be like if he had been on the journey with us all these years and was alive today.