Behind the Name

When my friend Sunshine said that we were going to a wonderful new French Bistro in Orlando, on what they call “Restaurant Row”, I was a little apprehensive. A French restaurant in my eyes meant stuffy, expensive and lots of things I don’t eat. I mean really, escargot? Uh no… Fish? Sorry, don’t eat it. What would I possibly like there? Furthermore, I am not getting all dressed up for lunch, I am wearing jeans!

As I prepared for what I thought would be an uncomfortable time, I pulled into the shopping area where Bistro CloClo is located. Everything looks normal. Doesn’t look too fancy pants.

Once I got to the patio, which is located outside in the front, I immediately started to think this might be different. It didn’t feel to stuffy or pretentious. I was standing out front talking to myself about my observations when I was interrupted by this wonderfully delightful man, Paul, asking if he could help me. He had a huge smile on his face and as he leaned into me to make known that he was all ears and all about my needs, I let go of my anxiety and asked for a table for two.