Horror and lodging have quite a history together. DraculaPsycho. 1408. The Tower of Terror. Needless to say, come Halloween time, you think about showering while holding the curtain taut when you stay somewhere. Or you might do that at home anyway. Chocolate syrup can’t be any good for the septic system.

The filmmakers of the award-winning Horror Hotel know this association well and are thrilled to announce that they are heading into a second season. Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, Horror Hotel is a web anthology series that hearkens back to the trailblazers of the format like The Twilight ZoneAlfred Hitchcock PresentsTales from the Darkside and Night Gallery.

Read on for updates on the season in production and be sure to check out (or check in to!) TBB’s interview with producer Debbie Jo Hess. You can catch Horror Hotel on several streaming platforms, including Hulu, AT&T Uverse, xfinity, and MSN.

Turndown service offered along with clones, aliens, and brain-snatching.