Hailing as one of the longest running live family shows around, Sesame Street Live shows yet again that anyone you ask can ‘tell you how to get to Sesame Street!’

Families flocked to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta to “Make A New Friend” along with Elmo, Grover, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster and all their friends on Sesame Street in an all new original show that celebrates how special it is to be different and unique.

The show centers around Grover’s pen pal, Chamki traveling all the way from India to visit Sesame Street. Grover is so excited that he gets wrapped up in a huge to-do list with his friend while the rest of Sesame Street explores what is is to make a new friend and share in all the differences and similarities someone from another culture can have with you.

Throughout the show, audience members and Chamki learn to dance with Abby, shares cookies with Cookie Monster and  help create a surprise dance routine for Grover that all culminates into a fun-filled, musical and energetic production that is sure to keep your family singing along all the way home.

Full of plenty of interactive moments to sing, dance and learn the fundamentals of the ABC’s and 123’s, Sesame Street Live’s “Make A New Friend” brings all the wonderful aspects of the award winning TV show up close and personal on stage for your enjoyment! Children will love all the sights, sounds, and character appearances in the audience while adults will enjoy the clever dialogue and musical parodies of some of today’s popular songs.

Sesame Street Live: Make A New Friend played at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA from September 12-September 15.

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