LEGOLAND® in Georgia is a very cool place. When you walk in, you are met by Batman, made with over 1,000 LEGOs®. The staff at the front counter are very friendly. They make checking in a blast for the children they speak to them and engage with LEGO knowledge. After you receive your tickets, you enter through a double door that leads you into a room where you learn about LEGO making. They show you the materials along with the machines that make LEGOs what they are today.

Once you have learned what makes a LEGO a LEGO, you enter Atlanta—toy brick Atlanta, that is. The whole city from Sandy Springs to Stone Mountain is all made up of LEGOs. What makes this room especially cool is that it gives you the day-to-night experience—the children can press a button to make things move, light digital fireworks over Stone Mountain, and even making the Ferris wheel turn.