I had a few questions for this Amazing Wordsmith:

You are an ATL transplant from Baltimore. Why did you make the move to the ATL?

I had a buddy living here who kinda convinced me to move down and start a band with him. The band ended, but I’m still here.

First song you ever wrote? When, and what was it about?

I can’t even remember, but I’m sure it wasn’t good!eliot studio

How will the new album differ from Blackbirds?

I’m proud of my old work, but the new record is a more fully realized vision I think. It the culmination of everything that came before it.

Why did you reach out to producer Dave Cobb and how was it working with him? 

I just loved everything I’d heard him produce, especially Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson and Lindi Ortega. He really serves the song and has a way of bringing out the best in singers. Plus he loves old records the way I do.