Nothing else is quite so drastic, but the many small quality-of-life improvements work to make Curtain Call a profoundly improved experience. Par exemple: for those who weren’t able to wrangle Theatrhythm’s stylus-only controls, several additional control schemes were added: buttons only, for a more traditional rhythm game feel; hybrid (stylus + directions), for players who have trouble with the Slide Triggers; and for the truly masochistic, Square-Enix has thoughtfully provided a left-hand-only challenge scheme, sure to provide many a painful cramp in your future. Additionally, a Versus Mode allows you to go head-to-head on a song with a friend or even an AI opponent. There are several instances of addition by subtraction, as well — you are no longer forced to play through a Series Mode to unlock songs for individual play, nor are you forced to play through the oftentimes mediocre Event Music Stages; Series Mode was removed entirely and EMSes are only unlocked as bonus content. Furthermore, the incredibly dull Prologue and Epilogue stages were also removed, paring the gameplay experience down to being able to play the songs only you really want to.