The medley was follow up with a back to back of the main themes from popular role-playing games Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross respectively. While Street Fighter lent itself the rock portion of the orchestra focus, the violin and percussion instruments were used to great effect for the sweeping and heroic strains of the two songs. While Trigger was clearly the more popular game with the audience (Nakama asked how many played it and was responded to with great cheers, Cross maybe not as familiar to the crowd), that didn’t detract at all from the brilliant arrangement of the Celtic infused tune. The highlight of the piece’s performance was Noriko Terada, the orchestra’s percussionist, who went all out on the conga drums.

VGO vocalist Ingrid Genes took the stage with “Coils of Light”, a selection from another Capcom title, Dragon’s Dogma. Ingrid’s rich vocals complimented the song which was imbued with a blend of heavy rock and classic symphonic sounds to create a feeling an epic and monumental adventure.