An interlude was given to Livan, one of the two pianist/keyboardists of the group, donning a wig straight out of a Final Fantasy game. Conductor Shota Nakama pointed out that the group had just done the music for the recent trailer of upcoming Final Fantasy XV as well as the enhanced tunes for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX. With that, orchestra pianist Livan was given the spotlight as he played “Dearly Beloved”, which seamlessly segued into “Hikari”. Livan followed with an assortment of pieces from another Capcom classic, Mega Man 2. The keyboardist was able to evoke the exciting pixelated sound of the game with quick strokes of the piano keys.

Prior to the intermission, Ingrid once again returned to sing, performing for the first time ever live one of the orchestra’s original pieces composed for game God Eater 2: Rage Burst. The theme was a powerful ballad reminiscent of Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All.” To conclude the first half of the show, the band broke out the adorable ending theme of Portal, “Still Alive” to the delight of the audience, who sang along with Ingrid.