Dr. Mike (Michael S. Fenster, MD) has a sense of humor in dispersing his dietary and nutritional advice in The Fallacy of the Calorie, but what’s also funny is the fact that this cardiologist is dishing out all this information while criticizing supposed self-proclaimed food experts.drmike

Take this passage, for example: “These days it seems as if everybody has an opinion about food and health. People watch Dr. Oz, tune in to the Food Network, or read some anecdotal diatribe on the Internet and all of a sudden they’re full of expert opinions and analysis.”

Dr. Mike mentions only Dr. Oz by name. He then goes on to allude to a bunch of straw men who give consumers lots of conflicting food guidance before launching into his own enterprising book of culinary realness. Dr. Mike is in your face and sounds like a go-getter, I guess. He says if I’m happy with the food I eat and my state of wellness, health, verdure, heartiness is a-okay, then this is not the book for me. PUT THIS BOOK DOWN. If only!