There is some good advice to be found in this book if you can sift through the posturing and insults about the intelligence of the general population (but, Dr. Mike tells you, you’re not dumb if you’re reading the book—natch). BMI is taken too much into account. High fructose corn syrup is garbage. There’s just a lot of ancillary information to absorb before getting to the crux of the book: Dr. Mike’s detox program. It may work for some people–and it thankfully isn’t over-reliant on liquid fasting–but in the end it’s another program to follow. And, in the end, this book is self-promotion; Dr. Mike has another book called Eating Well, Living Better, after all!

The takeaway of The Fallacy of the Calorie is this: if you want to read Dr. Mike’s book, don’t get it mixed up with the similarly titled The Calorie Fallacy by Dr. Libby. Also, eat in moderation and don’t eat food with a lot of preservatives.

The Fallacy of the Calorie can be found on Amazon.