Many of the songs in both the acoustic and electric sets have a common groove that is largely blues based, but not entirely. They are riffed based arrangements but carry your interest to see exactly what he’s going to throw at you next. I must say that the thing about his music I enjoyed the most was the dynamic range throughout the show that is sadly lacking with so many bands out there today. Joe Bonamassa takes you on a dynamic journey where at times he and his band bring the stage volume down to a barely audible state while you watch him dig into his fret board with the ferocity and mastery of a true virtuoso. Then the next minute, his vintage Fender Tweed amps and vintage 1959 Les Paul backed by his amazing band blows your head off with volume reminiscent of rock’s greatest super groups.

The Joe Bonamassa concert at the beautiful 6 week old Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center in Orlando is the first “rock” act to crank it up in the new lavish venue, as Joe reminded the audience with an obvious sense of pride. As an Orlando native, I can truly say that Joe B. did it justice and broke in our town’s newest posh venue with volume, tone and swagger any rocker would want to enjoy.  To me, it proved that this Arts Center is not just for symphonies; it has incredible acoustics that support loud rock and roll and Joe B. proved it.