One of Mr. Ailey’s most popular works, Night Creature returns to Atlanta and is a perfect fusion of Alvin Ailey’s buoyant choreography and Duke Ellington’s sparkling music. Night Creature is the definitive Ailey homage to the exuberance of The Duke’s jazz.

The five-day engagement will also feature Awassa Astrige/Ostrich, a groundbreaking and influential 1932 solo set to Carl Riley’s score of African drumming and flute by Sierra Leone-born choreographer Asadata Dafora; and Polish Pieces by Hans van Manen, a colorful ensemble work where 12 dancers create a brilliant kaleidoscope through endlessly shifting formations that contrast with two sensual pas de deux.

Returning repertory favorites will include Robert Battle’s propulsive Takademe, a fast-paced and high-flying solo, and Ronald K. Brown’s spiritually-charged Grace, set to the music of Duke Ellington and Fela Kuti.

Alvin Ailey’s timeless Revelations will uplift audiences at the end of every performance. It has made its way around the world over the past 54 years as a poignant American masterpiece, marked by its ability to transcend all cultural barriers in a hopeful celebration of the human spirit.