It’s gonna be a long week with these snow days! If you’ve got a bad case of cabin fever, The Big Family Quiz Thing will be the perfect way to get out of the house and workout your brain with fun team-trivia for the whole big family thing this Saturday.

The Big Quiz Thing draws a crowd to Oberon every month, but this is the very first time the family installment comes to town after rousing success in New York City. Your afternoon will be a whirlwind of fun and hilarity as you and the kids play for a ton of excellent prize packs from the likes of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Wheelock Family Theatre, Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, Sabine’s Cuisine, Steve & Kate’s Camp, and Huntington Theatre Company. It’s gonna be wild!

Read on for details. I will see you at Oberon! Bring your family! I’m bringing mine! Please don’t be intimated; I would never use my Jeopardy! skills to steamroll any of you–that’s for regular ol’ adult trivia nights.