Wild Child took the stage, but not before pumping up the audience by darkening The Sinclair and blaring “This Is How We Do It”. Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins arrived with bandmates Sadie Wolfe, Evan Magers, Chris D’Annuzio, Drew Bruntetti, all adorned with the distinct blue warrior markings on their faces.

After a string of familiar fan favorites like “Cocaine Hurricane”, Kelsey asked the crowd if it was okay to play a few newer tracks off of 2013’s Runaround. Hearing Wild Child live was to come face to face with a powerhouse, so when Alexander and Kelsey did two songs as a pair to bring it “back to the beginning of Wild Child”, ukulele and violin in hand, no momentum was ever lost.

“Pillow Talk” met with roaring applause when it was announced, undoubtedly the band’s signature song.  The reaction caused Kelsey to giggle and after songs after encouraging the crowd to sing along, she admitted it freaks her the fuck out that anyone knows any of their songs. The full band joined in at the bridge, adding an intense richness to the live sound of the song.