The score, well conducted and performed by the orchestra, is contemporaneous to the setting of the ballet. Still, it is the acting, costumes, and set design that bring the life to Lady of the Camellias. The efforts of David Gano and Robert Glay de La Rose augment the romance, especially de La Rose’s set design in Act II. The sanguine backdrop brings an effusive glow to the doomed love of Armand and Marguerite before turning a midnight blue as it all goes to hell. The flouncy, Carmen neckline party dresses of the women in the company buoys their carefree coquettishness, ranging from delicious creams with dark polka dots to sparkling sequins running the gamut of the entire color wheel.

Lady of the Camellias is certainly not to be missed this season and, though a tragedy, will serve as a gorgeous make-up date for the Valentine’s Day that the snow robbed Boston of. This story is the blueprint for Vivaldi’s La Traviata, Camille starring Greta Garbo, Moulin Rouge…the list goes on. But Boston Ballet’s Lady of the Camellias makes sure you cannot forget this stunning adaptation.

Now running through March 8. Purchase your tickets here.