The amazing and chic Adeline Michèle, one of my many star crushes, embarks on a solo effort and drops a lively dance single in addition to acting as frontwoman of nu-disco group Escort. Those unfamiliar with her work may know the Parisian-born chanteuse better as a member of Meredith Viera’s house band on The Meredith Viera Show, rocking the bass and vocals. As of this writing, the show is airing in my market! I can see Adeline on my screen right now!

Adeline actually debuted her new single “Redo” on the show last Friday, and you can check out that performance below. Catchy and infectious, “Redo” is the “result of years of collaboration…co-written and produced by DJ/Producer JKriv, a co-member of Escort and founder of labels Deep&Disco and Razor-N-Tape.” The song is a great throwback to the post-disco and freestyle sounds of the 80’s, with hiccupy synths accompanying Adeline’s powerful vocals.