That Noble Fury drew the die-hards to the stage at Great Scott and TNF knew just how to drive them mad; the band opened with “The Matador”, a dazzling fan favorite that really showcased their special brand of symphonic rock. “Elephant”, another crowd favorite, had some in the audience making trunks as part of their dance moves. New song “Make You Mine” made its first Boston appearance and got as warm a reception as if it’d been in the band’s set list for years.

The back and forth of energy between the crowd and That Noble Fury was really something special, making the stage chemistry not just between Tom Fellows and Anthony Blaha alone—everyone shared in the experience. Anthony appeared to feed off that energy, performing like a hybrid of Danny Elfman and Win Butler as he hair-flipped, convulsed, and wheeled behind his keyboard like it was an Olympic sport.

That Noble Fury pulled three people from the audience, arming them with toy hand clappers as the listener and artist came together to celebrate in such a joyful and triumphant climax. No one wanted the night to end. And with new material forthcoming, it never has to.