The rounds flew by quickly, keeping the teams on their toes, but the chance to repeat questions at the end of each round was offered. Visual clues were not shown again, adding a challenge to toughies like the state-silhouette set (which one is North Dakota and South Dakota? Do they really exist?).

All age collaboration proved necessary for the “Sayings of the Silver Screen” questions, which had clips play from movies of past and present, the “Rebus-O-Rama” pictures-spelling-out-words fest, and “Presidential Limericks”. The latter were kid appropriate, so no worries. “Songs Slowed Down” was an auditory horror show, yet tons of fun for the giggling young ones.

If a team couldn’t get an answer, credit was given to funny answers. Wes almost let “Smart-Ass Answers” slip out, but he caught himself and said, “That’s for Monday’s show—close your ears, kids.”