The Buzzertastic Finale was a showdown between Because We Said So, Inlocoparentis, and The Strawberry Hill Gang. Only kids/teens under 18 could participate in the Buzzertastic Finale as a team rep. The Strawberry Hill Gang cuties went up as representative 3-person unit, and their forces combined could have made one big kid for sure.

Because We Said So emerged as the victors of the day, winning the Steve & Kate’s Camp prize and the title as Boston’s inaugural The Big Family Quiz Thing winners.

The Big Quiz Thing plays on the first Monday of each month at OBERON, but this version of the game is certain to become a fixture in Boston as well. The Big Family Quiz Thing is one of the most fun events for families out there, and you’d be remiss to pass it up in the future. It’s extremely entertaining and wild, so spread the word about BFQT and make it a fixture for household as well.