Not a whole lot has changed in the last week because there’s still a shit ton of snow in Boston. I have the flu. My outlook at present is grim. But, again, at least we have new tunage. Though covering the new goods is a Sisyphean task, here’s what I like. Welcome back to Tunesday.

This is “Riches” from Tempe, AZ based artist Local Wizards. “Riches” can be found on Local Wizards latest release, Business. Business is now available on cassette through Rubber Brother Records. If you’re kind and smart, you’ll support Local Wizards through Bandcamp’s recently established subscription service at an ultra-affordable $15 a year (or more!). If you subscribe, you’ll receive The Halloween EP as an exclusive.

“Riches” mixes shoegazey lyrical melodies and the static shock of glitch-pop. If Madeon’s collaboration with Passion Pit left you cold, this is for you.