Suno Deko, Mitski, and Hundred Waters wove a tapestry of atmosphere Saturday night–eclectic, punky, and entrancing, it was all a dream that you didn’t want to wake up from. The Sinclair was not short on ambience in any capacity.

One-man outfit Suno Deko, hailing from Atlanta, captured his loops one by one, patiently re-recording when something was off by a hair. Known in civilian life as David Courtright, Suno Deko interspersed his experimental pop with dashes of dry humor, sharing with the crowd that the folks in Montreal were pretty chatty during his set and that they didn’t really seem to think they were like the Wildlings north of the Wall. Supporting his 2014 EP Thrown Color, Courtwright’s material ranged from aquatic melancholy to static delirium. The performance being Suno Deko’s last opening for Hundred Waters on the tour, it was an amazing final night.