Welcome back to TUNESDAY! SXWS is on, so we’ll be hearing a slew of new bands and sounds as they swim against the tide of insane commercialism in the hopes of being heard. Still seems like a fun time, though. Some of the groups I’ve got for you today will make appearances, but luckily they’ll dive right back into touring!

Canadian indie rockers Yukon Blonde are back with the bouncy and hazy “Saturday Night,” a track so infectious and tasty that I can imagine driving out to party with it blasting out my windows. The windows would be rolled down, not physically blasted out by the song. Though “Saturday Night” is perfect for that, too.

Yukon Blonde plan to release a third album this summer following 2012’s Tiger Talk and their nomination for Juno Award for Breakthrough Group of the Year. The group had their Austin gig, but they’ll keep on truckin’ on a Spring tour. For now, “Saturday Night” is a taste of summer. With dashes of New Wave that recalls Talk Talk, Yukon Blonde have a lock on your repeat button.