Happy Tunesday! It’s the last day of Women’s History Month, and I don’t think I discuss enough radical ladies in this feature. But here we are today with some great, talented women. Listen to them.

Providence, RI’s “bilingual political sax punk party” is the only party you need to go to, and it’s hosted by Downtown Boys. The furious “Future Police” clocks in just under a minute and a half, but the compact length doesn’t even begin to capture the less-than-compact sound that the Boys dish out.

Frontwoman Victoria Ruiz switches between Spanish and English, shouting down the prison-industrial complex and other systems of oppression that exist now and will in the future. The band’s upcoming album looks to smash the “racism, queerphobia, capitalism, fascism, boredom, and all things people use to try to close our minds, eyes and hearts.” I’ll be looking forward to Downtown Boys’ LP Full Communism, which is set to kick this capitalistic dystopia in the ass on May 4th.