Mitski made her return to The Sinclair in support of the re-release of Bury Me At Makeout Creek, highlighted by an address to the audience about finding the thing that made her feel beautiful—she said that she never felt traditionally beautiful, nor did she have the money to at least make that the case. So music it was; perhaps a selfish endeavor, she wondered. But what Mitski hoped was that the crowd could find the thing that made them feel beautiful.

The quality of the set came as no surprise. Bury Me At Makeout Creek is ferocious as it is gorgeous, lo-fi band sounds for band sounds’ sake. If the opportunity should arise to see Mitski play live, please make a concerted effort. You will not be disappointed.

Speedy Ortiz got right to business. PARTY BUSINESS ,THAT IS. New guitarist, new album. They launched with Foil Deer opener “Good Neck” before second track—and my personal favorite—“Raising the Skate” as Sadie Dupuis announced that they’d play the album in full and in order.