The band’s brand of noise pop is a dizzying spiral staircase of melodious instruments that intertwine beautifully with Dupuis’ love of wordsmithing. “Skate” has the dissonant vocal loopiness of a Schoolhouse Rock song. “Puffer” deviates into crackling darkness and fierce guitar work.

The signature cool blast of 90’s alt-rock was present in the live showcase of Foil Deer, but especially so when Speedy Ortiz dipped into their back catalog, which included “American Horror” and “Tiger Tank.” What the band delivers so nimbly is the intensity of the sound and genre without being in danger of becoming a sound-alike or droning on. People throw Pavement out a lot as an apparent influence, but c’mon. Pavement’s sound is almost surfer rock by comparison anyway.

Speedy Ortiz slipped into their Boston gig like it was no big thing, exiting and reappearing for an encore, then gone again just as quickly. Ahead of them is a long stretch of tour dates (five whole months!), but as they have with Foil Deer, Speedy Ortiz will emerge a lyrical and musical powerhouse on the road.