Jonathan Jackson is a busy guy. He juggles being both actor and musician: playing Avery Barkley on ABC’s Nashville, making an appearance  at the Chicago stop of the Nashville Live Tour, and gearing up for another tour with his longtime band. Jonathan Jackson + Enation kick off the Radio Cinematic Tour tomorrow in Nashville, headlining dates across the country in support of the album of the same name. The band also stop by Vinyl in Atlanta this Saturday.

TBB chats with Jonathan Jackson as he embarks with brother Richard Lee Jackson and buddy Daniel Sweatt on the biggest tour the band has ever done.

Enation’s first album, Identity Theft, dropped back in 2004. How do you feel that the band’s musical sensibilities have evolved in the 10 years since?

We’ve grown up playing music together. So there’s a cohesiveness to the music that has developed over the years. I think the songwriting has improved a lot. We understand our strengths and weakness better.

How did you teach yourself how the play the piano? Did your guitar lessons help you to jump right in?

I just sat down and figured it out. It took a while. I still feel like I’m trying to figure it out. Playing guitar helped tremendously.

In addition to being a physician, your father sings country music—did you harness that background into playing Avery on Nashville?

It was very cool to come to Nashville because my Dad recorded an album here when I was young. All the country music that I listened to growing up with him was very inspiring. Avery doesn’t do country music really. It’s more Americana rock and roll, which is closer to the rock music I do with Enation.

How is it switching gears from the Nashville Tour and launching into Radio Cinematic Tour?

It’s a great outlet to switch gears into Enation. I’ve been in the band since I was 18 so it’s a part of my life. The music is very close to my heart and my friendship with Dan and Richard means a lot to me. It’s a blast playing music together.