Yukon Blonde have a new single perfect for the coming summer, prickling you like static electricity with its double-dose of folk rock and heavy rock. This is “I Wanna Be Your Man”.

The song shimmers like a heat haze, showcasing excellent mixing and production from Tony Hoffer and Colin Stewart. On Blonde is shaping up to be an excellent album.

The band dropped the track on Consequence of Sound and provided the perfect way to describe the sound. Jeff Innes told the publication:

“‘I Wanna be Your Man’ started off as a drum machine and a guitar riff, it naturally has that T-Rex thing goin’ on, so our focus when we recorded it was to keep it glam and androgynous and absolutely avoid gettin’ all bro vibes or sound like a Black Keys song; the synths and the lipstick bridge really help with that and Tony Hoffer got our angle ’cause he mixed the shit out of it.”

That they avoided “bro vibes or sound like a Black Keys song” is the best thing I’ve heard all day. And so is this track. The On Blonde LP is slated for June 16.