Jonah Parzen-Johnson excels in his own brand of “lofi experimental folk music for solo baritone saxophone and analog synthesizer,” a gorgeous and insidious blend that just gets under your skin in all the right ways.

Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow is Jonah’s first full-length album, and it hones in on the dark side of nostalgia. There’s a wistfulness to Jonah’s longing saxophone in “On The Way Home”, for example, but he kicks your ass with the lurid haze he creates on “I Wrote A Story About You, Without You”. The masterful storytelling achieved with the synth and sax combo is something you’d imagine hearing on a show like True Detective. In fact, Jonah tells a better story than this current season is gearing up for.

Lucky for you, Boston; you have the chance to get the Jonah Parzen-Johnson experience firsthand. He plays Cambridge’s Lilypad this upcoming Tuesday, June 30. Grab a copy of Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow, out now on Primary Records.

6/30 Jonah Parzen-Johnson @ The Lilypad 
$10 // All Ages // 8PM Doors
1353 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139 || (617) 955-7729