Friday: Cody Marlowe and the Dead Flowers w/Foxhollow @Eddie’s!!

Georgia born singer-songwriter and roots-rock artist Cody Marlowe found his inspiration at an early age in the soulful sounds of B.B. King, Merle Haggard, and the Allman Brothers. Marlowe’s songs explore the polarities of good and evil in an intriguing blend of lyrics featuring lost loves and hopeful musings.

Foxhollow is an acoustic folk band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Recently founded by the songwriting duo Cody Marlowe and Joel Hoffman, Foxhollow sold out their debut show at Eddie’s. After a chance introduction from a mutual friend, Cody and Joel hit it off musically and began collaborating on a folk rock project. Cody’s unique voice and clever lyrics proved to be a perfect match for Joel’s acoustic ideas. As the song’s began to develop, Foxhollow decided to record an EP. Working with producer/drummer Kevin Sellors and Joey Huffman (Hank Jr., Matchbox 20), a five song EP was recently completed. The songs offer a unique blend of folk, bluegrass and rock.