Lately, I’m convinced that DIY is the future of music. From Boston to New York to Chicago to San Francisco, it’s artists like Palehound and Kal Marks and Speedy Ortiz and Twin Peaks who make going to shows fun again.

This sounds like the intro to a feature, but it’s not. We’re just gonna talk about Palehound’s latest, “Healthier Folk”. The slow grunge-y sensibilities of Ellen Kempner doesn’t mean there is a shortage of ferocity in her music. What Palehound does so well is cruise at you like an alligator before it lunges, drowning you in a death roll. But the death roll is the guitar. And you’re happy to die, it’s fine.

“Too stoned, taking antibiotics, I feel my infections wrestle with my bones,” sings Kempner observing everyone around her who feel healthy, look healthy when she feels only “half right.” It sucks to feel like garbage or be chronically ill or in pain.

“Healthier Folk” can be found on Palehound’s upcoming debut album Dry Food (Exploding in Sound). The record drops on August 18, but you can catch Palehound as Ellen kicks off a tour on July 25. Stream the track below and spy the tour dates on the following page!