Friday, Wade Sapp and the boys are celebrating freedom with their first headlining show @ The Wing Cafe & Tap House in Marietta!!! If you love your country–music, that is–don’t miss this!!

A young man who grew up in automotive shops, and a career mechanic until he quit to pursue music full-time, Wade Sapp knows what it means to get his hands dirty and work hard, long hours . This background of earning his keep by the sweat of his brow is what makes his music so easy to relate to for the common man. The songs contain familiar themes of love, loss, family, and how important a cold beer after working all day can be. It seems as though folks can’t help but feel a connection to him as a person.

Now, every workin’ man has to cut loose once in a while to keep his sanity, right? Well, Wade has a real knack for turning non-country listeners into hooked fans because at his shows, especially during the latter part of the evening, it tends to get rowdy and you can expect to see people dancing and singing along to every song. He may look young, but dont let that baby face fool you. Wade draws inspiration from the solid country gold of yesteryear, and doesn’t forget where he came from.