The 2015 Rockstar Mayhem Fest visited Atlanta on July 26th, with amazing bands like WhiteChapel, and Slayer!

When I walked into Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood it was like a ghost town.  In past years, the Mayhem Fest is usually packed with people, but this year was different.  The entrance I walked into had no venders, no food venders, and no people hanging out between band sets.  I walked clear across to the other side of the venue to find a much smaller side stage than the previous years.

After seeing, maybe a 1000+ people watching the side stage bands, I knew the Rockstar Mayhem was coming to an end.  Also, the beloved Metal Mulisha motorcycle stunt riders were not present at this year’s Mayhem Fest. As for the bands, some of them just were not for me, while a few were amazing to see perform.  It was a sad sight to see the Rockstar Mayhem Fest scaled down to almost nothing, but I still had a good time taking pictures.

Enjoy the pictures for the last Rockstar Mayhem Fest.  Hopefully, some brave soul will pick up the torch and revive the festival!

Victory Records Stage

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