Unique vocals, lyrics full of life–add amazing musicians in the mix and you have the makings for one mesmerizing musical journey!  Katie Martin’s freshman album Purpose is just that, ten soul-filled tracks showcasing Katie’s amazing talent and versatility as an artist!!

Had a few questions for this Talented MUSIC Maker starting with her vision for the album.

Katie MartinI didn’t realize I was making an album at first. I knew I had an amazing opportunity in front of me to get to work with Larry, so I was just taking him what I considered to be my best work each time that our schedules worked out in a way that I could go back into the studio. After a few songs though I knew I wanted to do a full album with him. It
wasn’t until I had all of the work sitting out in front of me that I was able to start to piece it together in the right order. The album isn’t focused on staying within the lines of a set genre but more on taking the listener on a journey.

You began your “Purpose”-filled journey in 2012 working with Grammy award-winning producer, engineer and Killer Guitarist Larry Mitchell  at his Studio The Chocolate Room in Opelika, Alabama.
How was it working with such a talent?

Working with Larry was an amazing experience. We got together to co-write a song (“I Feel You”) where I wrote the words Larry Mitchelland the vocals and he wrote all of the instrumental music. It’s amazing to watch him take the bare backbones of a song and then just fill in all of the other parts. If you’ve ever seen him perform live, you can get a taste of his skills when it comes to seamlessly layering guitar parts. He has a very ethereal sound and a lot of that comes through in his work on my album. As much as all of these songs are mine, I’ve heard them done a thousand different ways depending on who I play with and this album is very much a collaboration of my works with his style. His works speaks for itself, he’s got at least one Grammy and its not hard to see why when you get to watch him work firsthand. I learned a lot, and also was challenged a lot to grow as an artist. I knew I had gotten very lucky with the opportunity that I had and that constantly pushed me to be creating better more substantial work.