Larry has also been a mentor through a lot of this. He’s always willing to answer questions and give advice. In all honesty there were just a lot of things that I had no idea about when it comes to what directions to go in as a professional musician. There is way more to putting an album together than just writing the songs, and I got to learn a lot about that. Also I learned a lot about song structure. A few times , if there were other acoustic parts that he wanted added to the songs, he would teach me how to play it so I could put it on there myself. All in all, Larry is just a great individual, he has a great spirit and is a phenomenal player and I feel very blessed that I was able to work with him and have a front row seat to the magic that he puts into the songs in the studio.

“Purpose”,”When the Water Flows” and “Hold on Me” are a few of my Fave Tracks tell me the story behind.

“Purpose” , which ended up being the title track of the album, is about finding one’s purpose in life. That journey has many highs and lows, and it is that journey that I feel like the rest of the album represents. Many people get so caught up in the end destination that they forget that it’s the journey that makes them who they are."When the Water Flows" Lyric Art

“When the Water Flows”┬áis probably the most meaningful song to me. It was the first song of my own that I recorded with Larry, and it was also the one that once I heard his version I knew I had to find a way to keep recording with him. I was coming out of a rough place in my life when I wrote that song, and many of the situations I was in were ones that there wasn’t really any way out of other than just time. I don’t like to go into a lot of personal details on these because I feel that its best for my listeners to be able to use the songs for their personal situations rather than putting too much of my own imagery in there. Whether someone is dealing with death, addictions, loss of any sorts, there are a lot of situations that could fit with that song and I’d hate to put any one problem over another. pain is pain and we all have to feel it at some point or another, how we overcome that pain is what is more important.

"Hold on Me" Lyric Art“Hold on Me” was one of my first attempts at writing a song that was not directly from my voice. I wanted to try my hand at writing a song that was more of a story and the characters singing weren’t myself. It’s kind of about love, but that love is more of an obsession. and that obsession will never make the recipient feel whole. and that concept can really be applied to many areas of life other than just chasing after the wrong people. We constantly chase after people, things, or ideas that are not always beneficial for us but we’re just so attracted to them that we can’t seem to pull away.