Love the Visual Art that accompanies the tracks!!!

I spent the 6 months following the completion of the album working on the artwork for the lyric booklet. It went through a lot of phases before getting to be the product that it is. I knew that I wanted a visual accompaniment for the album but I also wanted something that could stand on it’s own. A majority of the artwork is very organic
although I do mix elements of the mechanical world into it. and Although, just like with the lyrics, I like to leave a lot of the interpretation up to the viewer so that they can get their own personal message out of it, I will say that the images reflect a lot of what the songs mean to me. It is a visual interpretation of the journey that the album is portraying.

Before I really started getting serious with either my guitar or my vocals, I would have considered myself a writer and an artist. So it was important to me to return to my roots for this part of the project. Although most people associate the songs with the performance aspect, my songs almost always start with the words/images/emotions that I try to convey audibly through music. This booklet was my way of also getting to explore the same body of work but on the visual aspect.

“Purpose’s” Journey was completed in Marietta, Ga. under the musical expertise of Aaron  & Nancy Kaye Hill of  The Green House Atlanta Studio. The Hill’s are also members of the award-winning The Law Band. How was it working with those Outlaws?

Aaron and Nancy were a tremendous help and did a fantastic job mastering the album. I had a lot of questions having to do with some of the business aspects of putting out an album and they walked me through a lot of them. Their studio looks great, and I hope to do some more work with them at some point. The atmosphere is wonderful, and both of the are just genuinely great people as well. Between them and Larry , I feel like a lot of good energy was put into making this album a reality. They already know a lot about the business and I see them making some big waves in the music world. I had a lot of respect for them and their musical careers going into this and even more so now. I’m looking forward to doing more work with them :)